First Listen:

Petite League

“Pulling Teeth”


words by tom johnson

“I had just narrowly avoided uprooting my life to see if there might be some opportunity waiting for me in Los Angeles but decided a few days before I was supposed to leave that I needed to stay near New York,” says Lorenzo Cook of the his decision to move to New York at the end of last year. Following in those footsteps comes “Pulling Teeth“, the first track from the third full-length effort by his Petite League project; a band that we’ve had the pleasure of watching grow and emerge through both the brilliant one-two of their ‘Slugger’ debut and ‘No Hitter’ follow-up.

As with all great work, Pulling Teeth – and the subsequent new album, Rips One Into The Night, which should come out in late spring – was borne of difficult times, it’s creator, Lorenzo Cook, caught in that weird, restless, anxious space between graduating and whatever weird journey adulthood has in store for you. “No job, a diminishing checking account, and no real idea what I was doing, I threw myself into the city known for chewing people up and spitting them back out,” he adds.

If such sentiments hint at some wild and sudden maturation, then fear not. “Pulling Teeth” is every bit as gleaming and free as we’ve come to expect, even if the subject matter has perhaps found a new path to explore: “It’s a love song but it was the first thing I felt proud of after weeks and weeks of tough love from the city I had just moved to.

Led by an elegant pattern of intricate guitar and Cook’s now all-familiar, all-endearing bruised lead vocal, the track is a sparkling return, a stringent reminder that whatever our surroundings and circumstances, we can still find away to channel the very best of ourselves in to creating something both positive and notable. Petite League’s music has always stirred such feelings of reckless abandon, and in this topsy-turvy world, it’s nice to know that some things can still be relied upon.

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