First Listen:

Personal Space

Ghost World


by tom johnson

Personal Space’s previous offering spoke of an indefinable time spent waiting for someone to change, and the band’s latest offering also clambers through such realms, taking place, it seems, within the”Ghost World” that gives the track its evocative title. Grey, blurred and decidedly downbeat, it’s a brilliantly compelling five-minutes that adds further weight to their new album, which is all set to arrive next month via the ever-prolific Tiny Engines label.

Rolling out like the quintessential soundtrack to, yes, your own personal space and time, “Ghost World” projects a feeling of numb isolation; the quiet roll of the guitar overshadowed by a lead vocal that seems to be hanging on to the last hours of the day, before fading in to the encroaching dark of the evening like some listless, unilluminated object.

I guess it’s going to be a long time now, until the ghost world reaches out and pulls the sun to the ground,” the band sing, as the track reaches its most propulsive heights before the whole thing suddenly gives way again; a soft, pretty instrumental coda taking over for the closing minute or so; a measured and tender finale for a track that so often hints at something far darker without ever quite committing to it.

Endlessly impressive, it’s another leap forward from the Brooklyn collective, and further bolsters the impact of their debut LP, which you can now pre-order via the link below. Check it out:

‘Ecstatic Burbs’ LP is released October 14th, via Tiny Engines

You can pre-order it here

photograph by sasha turrentine

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