First Listen:


“Pivot Fakie”


words by tom johnson

Half-buried under the sludginess of its own weight, “Pivot Fakie” is the blistering new track from Pardoner, the latest to be released from their forthcoming new album on Father/Daughter, and one that we’re very pleased to share with you today. Released next month, the new record channels¬†Max Freeland and Trey Flanigan’s “shared love of Yo La Tengo and Polvo” into a 45-minute beast of a record, and one of the Autumn’s most imposing documents.

Unveiled today, Pivot Fakie is indicative of such aspirations, the tightly-knit atmosphere suddenly unravelling amid a scorched backdrop of thick guitars and frenetic percussion, both of which do their mighty best to swallow the scrappy lead vocal that powers its way through regardless.

Like a ugly meeting of genres that somehow melds its way in to something electrifying, that burns with a furious kind of prettiness, Pivot Fakie is another huge leap forward from the quartet – and you can stream it to your hearts content right here today; the full record arrives on September 8th.

‘Uncontrollable Salvation’ is out on Sept’ 8th, via Father/Daughter Records

You can pre-order it here



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