First Listen:

Nervous Dater

Bad Spanish


words by tom johnson

Nervous Dater are Brooklyn New York’s premiere rock & roll outfit” so says one of the two-sentence-intro that accompanies the release of the aforementioned quartet’s forthcoming new record on Counter Intuitive Records, reading like something of a throwaway line, or perhaps the kind of thing you might find at one of the plentiful roadside attractions found sprinkled across America’s countryside (“Worlds Largest Ball Of Paint!” being a choice favourite). Thankfully, however, one listen to the band’s new track Bad Spanish is enough to dissipate any sense of cynicism, leading instead to a wholehearted embrace of such a sentiment.

For “Bad Spanish” slays. From the gnarly intro of crashing drums and guitar to the more structurally refined glow of the verses, all leading to frenetic moments of release that pertinently shape their beast of a song. “It’s fine, I said, I’ll bash my fucking head through the wall so I don’t have to call you before I go to bed,” Rachel Lightner bellows with all the gutsy and glorious weight of someone who needs such words dispelled from said head and out in to the world as soon, as loud, as clear as possible. Likened to bands such as Martha and Lemuria, Nervous Dater certainly make good on such lofty comparisons here, “Bad Spanish” further ramping up the excitement levels ahead of the full record release at the end of this month.

Brazen and brilliantly bold, you can stream the new track below right here.

Don’t Be A Stranger is released on September 29th

You can pre-order it here



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