First Listen:

Mo Troper

“Something To Talk About”


words by tom johnson

photograph by samantha sutcliffe

There’s a lot of context here so let’s give you a quick run-through: Mo Troper is an LA-via-Portland artist. The kind of artist you always discover too late. “Gold” is a brand new album fro Mo Troper, full of songs not by Mo Troper. In that, it’s a compilation of songs plucked from the past decade of Mo Troper’s other projects; from tape-recording high-school days to eventful side-projects. Troper also co-founded the very good Good Cheer Records, and will release a new double LP later this year. Oh and David Liebe Hart, of Tim & Eric fame, did the cover art for “Gold”.

But perhaps, actually, you don’t need any such context. It certainly doesn’t add anything to “Something To Talk About”, because for one-minute and fifty-two seconds, the track swallows up every inch of space around you. Revelling in distorted colourful immediacy, the track is a glorious splurge of sentiments, all wrapped up in that kind of gravelly-guitar exuberance that feels like a sucker-punch to the gut.

The lyrics consist of a single line of verse – “Go on and break my heart so I have something to talk about” – spliced up and then spat out in to the night sky like a drunken sermon to a moon that simply couldn’t give a fuck. It’s perfectly delivered, loose and flailing and stumbling under the weight of it all but so damn endearing you’ll just want to hug it for weeks, throw yourself in to its world even though you know it’ll probably end in disaster eventually. Which is to say is that “Something To Talk About It” is chock-full of spirit; so much spirit that you’ll be running in its slipstream before you’ve even had a chance to consider why. Which is to say: It’s wonderful. Stream it below.

‘Gold’ is released via Good Cheer Records on February 10th

You can pre-order it here



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