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First Listen:

Miss World

‘Click and Yr Mine’


words by tom johnson

Smart, unembellished and deadly catchy, ‘Click and Yr Mine’ is the brand new single from Natalie Chahal and her project Miss World. Set for release with PNKSLM, the track is a launching commentary on the internet age, an exhibition on consumerism in 2017 through chunky riffs and some mean pop sensibilities.

Taken from next week’s Waist Management EP, ‘Click and Yr Mine’ follows suitably in the footsteps of ‘Put Me In Your Movie’ and ‘Buy Me Dinner’, capturing a sardonic picture of the way we live our lives, in this case through our obsessions and how they make us feel empowered rather than others. It’s purposefully saccharine and gritty at once, a bouncy tempo giving into squalling guitars, Chahal in direct control as she effortlessly owns the room with her dynamic vocal. What’s especially well examined is the loneliness of such compulsions, an almost rueful lingering filling Chahal’s vocal as she drawls “You’ve got a big mouth honey, and I just want to be on my own”. It’s an authorising middle finger to negative people, but also an isolating look at how we invest ourselves in such worryingly impactful preoccupations.

Available from October 13th via PNKSLM, Waist Management is the first EP from Miss World – listen to the brand new track below right now.



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