First Listen:

Mineral Girls

“happy heart broke you”


words by tom johnson

Their first album to be recorded in a real studio, Mineral Girls release their third full length, ‘this is the last time every time’, via Slow Fires in mid-October, and the whole thing makes for a suitably rocky ride, the fractious lyrics propelled forwards by a constantly evocative backdrop of choppy riffs and forceful percussion that is the band’s gnarly blueprint.

Lending greater weight to the impending release, the quartet today unveil brand new track ‘happy heart broke you’, a suitably tempestuous burst of emo-rock that feels all the more buoyant because of that disjointed lead vocal that seems to exist in entirely its own world, riding way up in the clouds above the twisted instrumental that carries on regardless down in the darkened depths. Informed, perhaps most pertinently, by the space between the vocals, where radiant bursts of mathy guitars break-up the more volatile atmosphere, shifting the tempo somewhat as the whole pours forward regardless.

The full album is released on October 13th and available to pre-order; you can stream ‘happy heart broke you‘ right here:

‘this is the last time every time’ is released on October 13th, via Slow Fires



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