First Listen:

Madam West



words by tom johnson

photograph by casey mathewson

Where much of the Brooklyn scene is seemingly tied down with notions of refined coolness and trends, there are a number of colourful glints in its furrowed amour – and Madam West are certainly one of them. Case in point, new track “L”, which precedes a live showing at Brooklyn’s C’Mon Everybody on March 1st, and their first national tour later this Spring, is an immediate and dazzling concoction of their craft, all glittering guitars and a radiant lead voice.

Treading similar ground as fellow Brooklyn-based project Salt Cathedral, which is to say that this is exquisite pop music with a sparkling quality, “L” melds rhythmic pop structures with jazzy undertones that bring a sense of summer gazing to their work, which is in itself no mean feat given the time of year that the track strolls in to our conscience.

Glowing from its┬átender arrival until long after its three-and-a-half minutes are over, it’s a gorgeous retreat – and you can stream it below right now.


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