First Listen:


“You Have Your Father’s Eyes”


words by tom johnson

Having languidly skirted around the outer edges of the Glasgow scene for a decent chunk of time now, LYLO take a hefty leap forwards today with the release of new track “You Have Your Father’s Eyes“, which will be released as a single at the end of this month, but is streaming below for your pleasure from today.

Playful and skittish in equal measure, the new track finds the trio in gleaming mood, all the more impressive given that we’re still half-buried in a Scottish winter as dour and relentless as we’ve come to expect. It’s not all endless sunshine, however, and while the skewed instrumental makes for a transcendental trip, the vocals are ingrained with a slow-burn sense of poignancy that occasionally rises to the surface. Such sentiments are blown out the water by the closing minute however, as the triumphant brass-led coda, all skewed percussion and fragrant adornment, sends the track scurrying down some radiant rabbit-hole that you’ll be running around in for days. Check it out below.



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