Album Stream:

Loose Tooth

“Big Day”


words by tom johnson

photograph by craig scheihing

By the time Loose Tooth reach “Fish Boy”, the closing track on their brand new album, released tomorrow but streaming in full for your below, the Philadelphia quartet feel decidedly burned out. And it’s no surprise, for what precedes it is a cacophonous, relentless journey; the “Big Day” LP playing out as exactly that, relentless, excitable, draining and thoroughly rewarding once you get the chance to reflect upon it.

Released via the most formidable of label pairings – Father/Daughter and Lame-O RecordsBig Day is the bands second full-length effort and they’re hanging everything out to dry. Formed of nine gnarly and snarling tracks, it’s a mightily heartening effort; one where guitars rip, vocals scorch, and the patterns twist, shift, and distort until you, the listener, has little option other than to simply let the whole thing consume you.

Opening track “Sleep With The State Concept” kick-starts the whole thing with an immediate thwack, the song ripping through its two-and-a-half minutes in a head-rush of wonky guitars and tumultuous vocals. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that this combo is very much Loose Tooth’s blueprint, but it’s also undoubtedly their forte and, across the nine tracks here, they find varying ways of twisting those varying elements in new and distinct ways.

Uncompromising in its demeanour but still able to invite and intrigue. the record is fully released tomorrow, via the two aforementioned labels, but we’re very pleased to bring you a full stream of the record today. Take a deep breath, and throw yourself in to the ride, via the player below.

‘Big Day’ is released tomorrow via Father/DaughterLame-O Records



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