Let’s face it we all love female fronted dream pop bands; Memory House, Beach House, Twin Sister, the list goes on… Well you can now add another to it as ‘Lockets‘ announce their debut LP, and premiere single ‘Treasures You Lost‘ online. Hailing from Philadelphia, Dani Parker and Todd Mendelsohn have released two singles within the last six months and have now announced that their debut album ‘Camera Shy‘ is set for release this summer.

The single is exactly what you’d expect and this is no bad thing. A blend of quaint synth lines, bended chords and wistful lyrics, like a female Real Estate it drifts along swapping vocal melodies and occasional, distant guitar solos. ‘Lockets‘ have created a very chilled track that sits comfortably amongst the other established groups of today. They’re making dream pop and they’re doing it right.


Written by Tom Dickinson

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