First Listen:

Lean Year

Watch Me


words by tom johnson

We described Lean Year’s previous track, Come And See, as a “stunning entry-point to their new work” and if that track did indeed stand as the most elegant gatepost to their forthcoming debut album, then new track ‘Watch Me’, which is premiering below from today, is the still and stunning pasture that exists inside of such a thing, a tender landscape of captivating intrigue, all mist-shrouded hills and unsaturated colours that buries the listener within.

Released next month via the continually-brilliant Western Vinyl label, the self-titled debut is the work of Virginia’s Emilie Rex, whose hypnotic voice holds such a strong weight across the entire record, and Rick Alverson, who released a string of records with Spokane on the Jagjaguwar label a decade ago before turning his attention to film-making (his credits including the 2012, Tim Heidecker-starring The Comedy, among others).

It’s perhaps not surprising to learn that new track Watch Me was written in the quiet hours of the morning, the song holding an imposing quietude that only tends to arise at such a time. “[It] was written at 3am after a difficult day, Alverson says of the new track. “I came up with the guitar part, more as as a necessary act of comfort than anything. Emilie wrote the lyrics on the spot. They felt like a quiet assertion of self, but not necessarily in the voice of a person. They felt like the voice of something apart from us, out in a natural world; contrary to the simple affirmations that put us to bed, equal parts instruction and warning.”

Delicate, detailed, and quietly haunting in its application, the new track is another wholly compelling composition, conjuring up even deeper magic by holding its delicate poise throughout, never once allowing the song to unravel as it washes slowly forward across its three-and-a-half tender and poignant minutes. Listen below right away.

‘Lean Year’ is released on October 20th, via Western Vinyl



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