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Lance Bangs

Lance Mountain EP


by tom johnson

Read any press surrounding the approaching release of Lance Bangs’ new EP and you’re almost sure to see the word ‘groove’ scattered around like it’s going out of fashion. And that’s because ‘Lance Mountain‘ is indeed full of such a thing – though it does a really good job of trying to disguise it. Charmingly brash and rugged, the five-track release is almost distractingly syncopated, the spiky guitars and weathered vocals diverting attention away from that, yes, casual groove that underpins the entire EP.

Released this week via our friends at Citrus City, the ‘Lance Mountain‘ EP is an invigorating leap forward for the Richmond trio, feeling refreshingly vague and unprepared, like a single snapshot of some sweltering mid summer day that won’t ever settle, but disappears regardless. And ain’t that always the way.

The songs here are short and unkempt, happy to slam the door shut just as you’re starting to get comfortable, but it’s all done with such a playful sense of abandon that such actions never feel at all intimidating. In fact there’s genuine warmth buried in their somewhere, not, perhaps the type that comes with playful affection, more the simple thrill of being alive in the moment, even if that moment is fading away before it’s even had a chance to start.

It’s a smart, infectious, and brilliantly spirited collection of tracks that steers the trio in to a new, eminently exciting path – stream it in full below ahead of next week’s full release.

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