Jutland Songs 2017

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Jutland Songs

“Charm on the Chain”


words by will fitzpatrick

Sometimes you can identify your new favourite band within a matter of seconds. The right chord change, the way the guitar sounds, the sincerity of the singer’s voice… you’ll know what gets you, and how. It’s an addictive feeling, and hey, the hunt to recapture that sensation is probably why you’re reading these pages right now.

Notebooks out, then: anyone lucky enough to catch any of Glasgow quartet Jutland Songs’ live sets might well feel inclined to shout excitedly about the moment they fell in love with the band’s scintillating take on US indie rock (Superchunk with the hooks on full; Chavez with a set square; pop as envisioned by Polvo). Guess what? New cut “Charm On The Chain” is further proof of their advancing brilliance.

Ok, their pedigree might give you a few clues, with alumni of outfits like Dananananaykroyd, Errors, The Royal We, Pro Forma and Eska (not that one) among their number. But that’s still an insufficient brief for Charm on the Chain, taken from their new 7” on Nottingham’s ever-excellent Gringo Records – it’s a slow-burn of noisepop hooks that unfolds steadily but surely into a spine-tingling mass of harmony-laden powerpop and angular, dual-guitar brilliance. You’ve no doubt heard nods to the 90s in recent years, but Jutland Songs feel more now than ‘throwback’, with a melodic chutzpah that delivers the best sort of sock to the gut. You suspect there’ll be even better to come.

Favourite band material? Oh, damn right.

Charm on the Chain/Spark Out is released August 11th, via Gringo

You can pre-order the 7″ here


Live Dates:

The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, 15 Jul (w/John Davis & The Cicadas)

Black Iris Brewery, Nottingham, 29 July (w/Grey Hairs and Bilge Pump)




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