First Listen:

Jakob Ogawa

“Let It Pass”


words by tom johnson

For a nineteen year old still make their first intrepid steps in the musical world, Jakob Ogawa’s works feels almost remarkably languid. Blessed with an unhurried, effortless sense of cool, the young Norwegian takes another stride forward with new track “Let Is Pass” – and you can stream it below from today.

Following the success of previous¬†single “All Your Love” there must have been the desire to drop something bold and bountiful, but instead Let It Pass is beautifully restrained, a sweet two minute gem that gently laps at the surrounding ether, not so much nostalgic as just endearingly faint. As is the case with his previous effort, there’s certainly a sense of longing threading its way through the heart of the track, and even though¬†it sits as calm and considered snapshot of some vague distant place, it leaves a casual warmth that stays with you for far longer. Check it out here:



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