First Listen:

Jackson Reed

Generation Vietnam


by tom johnson

Something of a contradiction in terms, Jackson Reed’s new track “Generation Vietnam” is both a personal reflection on a war that happened some forty-odd years ago, and a delightfully breezy burst of guitar pop that slots right in to the current transition from the end of summer in to the awaiting autumn.

Lifted from the songwriters new “The November Gales” EP, which is released next month via Deadplant Records, the track is self-described by Reed as a “song about USA’s military conscription in the 1960’s and imaging men my age being chosen randomly for the Vietnam War.” However, while the message carried within might be something decidedly heavy, the whole thing is presented with such sweetness that it feels like a glowing juxtaposition, in much the same way that the whole decade must have felt to those that lived through it.

Nostalgic, and laced with the golden glow of yesteryear, the new track offers a compelling two-minute retreat – and you can stream it below from today. Check it out:

“The November Gales EP” out on Deadplant Records October 14th



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