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Infinity Girl



words by tom johnson

A few days ahead of their full-length swan song – the band’s third and final album Somewhere Nice, Someday – Infinity Girl today share new track “Headlights”, a gleaming three-minutes that cements their status as one of the finest guitar-pop bands of their age, rubbing a little extra salt in the wound that their departure will leave behind.

Released on Friday 8th September, via Disposable America, the band will depart with the album’s release and a trio of shows, full details of which you can find at the bottom of the page. Instantly intriguing, the new track is a timely reminder of that left-field path that the band have always skirted along, the indistinct vocals that could well have left the whole thing feeling mightily disjointed, instead flooding the whole thing with a sense of eerie, intriguing magic; a day-drunk feeling of peculiarity you’re desperately trying to figure out for yourself.

Woozy, boisterous, and brilliantly jagged (in just about equal measure), Headlights rips through its succinct running time in a heady meld of wilting vocals and terrifically rugged bursts of guitars that drive the whole thing forwards, no matter how rocky the road might be. Check it out below right now; pre-order the new LP right here.

‘Somewhere Nice, Someday’ is released on September 8th.

The band’s final live dates are as follows:




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