First Listen:


“Honey Garden”


words by tom johnson

In their previous incarnation as Dear Tracks, Matt Messore and Victoria Ovenden carved out both a loyal fanbase and a solid run of critical praise for the handful of tracks they released via the likes of Furious Hooves and Track & Field Records. With a new name under their belts, Houseplants take a significantly leap forward today with the release of new track “Honey Garden” which is premiering below right now and acts as the lead track from a brand new EP arriving later this Summer via the ever-able arms of Yellow K Records (Japanese Breakfast, Ó, gobbinjr).

Still beautiful in that blissful, burned-out way that they so preciously carve out of the ether, Honey Garden is a captivating three minutes, billed as a song about “the concept of loneliness within a relationship” and leading in to such themes thanks to the wave of glistening atmosphere that resonates throughout, a mood that prickles the senses while the track veers between outright nostalgia and a niggling sense of longing for something that can’t be placed or pigeon-holed; like photographs left fading on a wall, like memories dissipating however hard we try to hang on to them.

An immediately compelling starting-point for the duo’s next chapter, you can stream the new track below right now – the full EP will be released later this year.



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