First Listen:

Horse Girl

“Been Better”


words by tom johnson

On the two tracks released in advance of this full stream, Horse Girl showcase their rabid and raucous guitar-pop with gleaming clarity. Led by a voice that is half burned-out splutter, half soul-searching buoyancy, the trio wrap such a tool around crashing percussion and satisfyingly sludgy to produce the kind of atmosphere¬†that immediately thrusts the listener in to the very heart of it. Which is to say, that you know where you stand from the offset. Which isn’t to say that Been Better, the band’s new six-track mini album, is in anyway formulaic or mundane, more that you simply need to spent less time where you fit in to it and far more time throwing yourself in to their brilliantly heartening pop songs.

Lead track “Petri Dish” still buzzes with furious abandon, perhaps the stand-out moment here and one of the best scuzzy noise-pop songs you’re likely to hear this summer. Elsewhere “You’re So Fine/Lemonade” is a two-part, six-minute stretch of bratty punk-pop that rips through each passing stage with wilful abandon, while “Hear You” is another hefty chunk of pent-up spirit being unleashed, the sound of a band not just finding their feet and defining their sound but coming alive in that moment too; the crowning moment at the end of an immensely strong and cohesive set of songs – and one that you can stream in full below as of right now. Check it out:

Pre-order Been Better here:

The band play an album release show at a house in Allston on Friday 4/14

with halfsour, ozlo, and Honeymooner


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