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First Listen:


“The Color Blue”


words by tom johnson

photograph by wakeeña real

Solidifying this latest and strongest incarnation of the band following rehearsals for a live show celebrating the work of The Cure, “The Color Blue” is the culmination of both that meeting and the subsequent work that the Honeyrude, the blistering Austin four-piece, went on to create. A (suitably) colourful and buoyant burst of shoegaze, the new song is the title-track from the band’s forthcoming new album, which is set for release later this summer, and we’re very pleased to unveil it today.

Informed, glowingly, by Jess Ledbetter’s staunch lead voice, The Color Blue is a resolute and formidable five-minutes of textural rock and roll; a glorious splash of colour and noise that seemingly swallows up the space around itself until little else matters at all, the final minute or so offering a weighty and breathless unraveling that’ll have you grasping for more. Patience is a virtue, however, and you’ll have to wait until August 18th to hear the band’s new record. Be sure to preview it below right now though:

‘The Color Blue’ is released on August 18th, via Shifting Sounds Records

Pre-order link here




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