First Listen:

Holy Sheboygan

“Can You Feel It?”


by tom johnson

Though it arrives and departs in less than two-minutes, Holy Shebogan’s new track, “Can You Feel It?” leaves the kind of impression that can sit in your conscience for days. Feeling strangely fleeting but also resolutely fully-formed, the new track acts as something of a stirring introduction to the band’s new ‘Four’ LP – and you can stream it below from today.

A hypnotic, bubbling, swirling mass of exuberant folk-pop, “Can You Feel It?” is informed by the band’s time spent penning their record on a Wisconsin Farm, and in fact doesn’t sound dissimilar to Port O’Brien’s lost gem of a record, All We Could Do Was Sing, which itself was influenced by time spent in the working rural world. Here, the rhythms wind themselves around the flourishing gang vocals in a heady whirl of colour that feels suitably, and somewhat deliberately primal. “People love to wax rhapsodic about the forces that bind the universe together,” the band say, “but the very discussion of these forces is contradictory as they are essentially indescribable. This songs encourages us to quit talking about it and just “feel it”.

Preceding the new album, which is released on March 3rd, the new track was designed to be felt, and that’s exactly the outcome; right there in your powerful, beating chest. Check it out below.

‘Four’ is released on March 3rd – you can pre-order it here


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