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“North Dakota”


words by tom johnson

If the creeping onset of Autumn wasn’t already stirring something half-buried inside your stomach, putting an end to another summer that already feels over before it began, then allow Hodera to throw you deep inside grey, stormy days, and aching solemnity with a new track that is an immediate and utterly captivating introduction to their brand new album, released later this year via the ever-formidable Take This To Heart Records.

Like an impassioned meeting of Pinegrove and Modern Baseball, new track “North Dakota” offers a delightful sway, all bare, cracked branches set against brooding landscapes, or, in more literal terms, sparkling guitars lines and emotive vocals that run along, side-by-side, rather beautifully indeed.

“It was April of 2015. We were on the back end of a month long tour and we were staying with my friend Kaylie in Bloomington, IN,” says vocalist Matt Smith, of the band’s new work, “In the morning, Alek and I were playing music on the front porch and he showed me this Chorus he wrote. After we got home from the tour I had a vivid dream that me and my friend Kalie were in North Dakota and I woke up feeling inspired and wrote the verses that, paired with Alek’s Chorus, would form the song.”

“I don’t want to do this alone,” Smith sings earnestly, the instrumentation swelling around him, all gleaming, math-y guitars and formidable percussion as it powers on regardless, alone or not. “North Dakota, one of the few states I haven’t been to, is more a metaphor,” Smith states, “a dream world where life is perfect and all obstacles no longer exist or matter. In this case, wanting to be with someone despite living States away and leading very different lives.”

Check out the new song below right now – the full record arrives in October, and you can pre-order it here.

Live Dates:

10/31 Brooklyn, NY
11/3 Brighton, NJ
11/5 Boston, MA
11/6 Milford, NH
11/7 Westfield, MA
11/8 New Haven, CT
11/9 Mount Joy, PA
11/10 Columbus, OH
11/11 Akron, OH
11/15 Chicago, IL
11/16 Champaign, IL
11/17 Nashville, TN
11/19 Ringgold, GA
11/20 Columbus, GA
11/21 Daytona, FL
11/22 Boca Raton, FL
11/24 St. Petersburg, FL
11/25 Jacksonville, FL
11/26 Myrtle Beach, SC
11/28 Charlotte, NC
11/29 Harrisonburg, VA
11/30 Richmond, VA
12/1 Baltimore, MD
12/2 Philadelphia, PA
12/3 Long Island, NY




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