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High Bloom



words by tom johnson

Whether taken somewhat unadorned via her Infinity Crush project, or embroiled within the murkier compositions of Hans Hoffman as part of their High Bloom partnership, Caroline White’s voice has the ability to conjure the most meaningful of daydreams, the nightly atmosphere which hangs in the ether around her words so pertinent that it feels somewhat dizzying to listen to it during the cold light of the day.

Its the latter of those two projects which White is currently focused on, and High Bloom reveal another track from their forthcoming ‘Implied Sun’ LP today in the form of “Creep” – a stunning new track which might well be the pair’s most captivating moment to-date.

“I started making the instrumental for ‘creep’ while a bunch of us were snowed in during a blizzard at the beginning of 2016,” Hoffman says of the new track, which is premiering below from today. “It was much more bleak and apocalyptic than our other stuff so I wasn’t sure it’d actually become a high bloom song. A couple months later Caroline had put vocals to it, and I was floored by how haunting and beautiful she made it. It’s one of the most unique and surprising songs I’ve ever been a part of.”

Making good on such assertions, “Creep” is a dense and brooding three-minutes, the delicate guitar lines flooded by striking ambience and a dense drum beat that wraps itself around White’s wavering vocal like small plumes of smoke cast to the wind, only occasionally settling and allowing her voice the space to really be heard: “You’re such a creep, you’re such a creep…”

“The whole album is loosely and unintentionally about fantasies and fantasising.” White says of their new work. “Hans and I had both just moved – him to a place in Maryland and me to southeastern North Carolina – and we were both spending a lot of time alone in our separate states, maybe more than we ever had, and that new exploration of isolation and all of the consequences of it seemed to shape the album. I think ‘creep’ embodies the darker side of fantasies, daydreaming about revenge and at what act of violence your brain makes you stop.”

Check out the new track below right now.


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