First Listen:

Hidden Places



words by jordan gorsuch

“Did I manufacture all of these things in my thoughts?” Hidden Places frontman, David Fuller, asks at the onset of their new topsy-turvy doozy of a single, “Okay,” from their forthcoming EP, Uh’s.

An endless barrage of cymbal crashes transforms into a recognizable disco-dance beat set underneath twinkly-guitars and staccato bass-lines that set the pace for this schizophrenic cut. The band takes considerable leads from the avant-funk grooves found on the greatest of Talking Heads and Interpol songs while the signature yelps of David Byrne are echoed in the more chaotic moments. Yet, the band is still careful to carve out their own identity amid the influences they wear on their sleeve.

If the Columbus-based band’s first single “Buh Bye” was dealing with topics such as the toxicity of the word masculinity, “Okay” is more obtuse in its themes. “Somehow / I feel my hair going gray / Somehow / I should start acting my age” Fuller sings during a memorable, spacy chorus. The bass bounces up and down as washed-out harmonizing vocals snake their way into the mix before the band arrives at a conclusion that hits home: “It’s not okay / But I’ll be alright.”

I think we can all relate with that these days.


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