First Listen:

Harvey Causon


(Henry Green Remix)


words by ross jones

photograph by rowan allen

The bustling creative energies of a city can bring together the most interesting of personalities, collaborating ideas from within the vibrant hum of a particular feeling or motive that allows for all involved to enhance their own personal sound. In Bristol, within the early morning cornucopia of industrial machinations and 6.03am commutes, the city’s craft is consistently documented, whether from the forefront or the underground, regardless of genre. It’s here we find an instinctual collation between two of the southern city’s more emotionally-engaged and considered artists, the minimal electronica that both create instilling a sense of hush conciliation that summons sentimental detail within the warm inclinations of both artists.

Harvey Causon, with his already wonderful track ‘Frisson’, explored oscillating atmospheres within uncompromisingly hooked synths, his trembling voice a powerful element within the consistently evolving instrumentation of the track, finding the pinpoint moment as an energy is about to envelop a whole piece and drawing it out for as long as it’s physically needed. Henry Green, a Bristolian contemporary of Causon who has taken the aforementioned track and completely reimagined it’s sonic context, and importantly found an impressionistic way of finding the same sentiment.

Alienated keys twinkle amongst Causon’s brooding voice, removing all other instrumentation apart from nude chords that whirl unchallenged, evoking the sense of teetering emotion by allowing the keys to linger throughout. The main hook from the original piece isn’t replaced, the distinction lying in the subtlety of the arrangements and how untouched Causon’s voice remains. It’s a clear impression of the power of re-immersion, how the minds of others can interpret things differently and create something just as dynamic.

Henry Green’s remix of ‘Frisson’ is available as part of a double AA-side release, available from December 4th. Listen to the track for the first time on GoldFlakePaint below.




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