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First Listen:

Hard Girls

“Puddle of Blood”


words by tom johnson

Following up a pertinent spoken-word intro with a blistering two-minutes of meaty riffs and reckless energy, “Puddle Of Blood” is the brand new track from Hard Girls, and lifted from the trio’s new ‘Floating Now’ LP, which has been announced for an October 6th release via the rather formidable pairing of Asian Man Records in the USA and Specialist Subject Records over here in the UK.

Worked on with engineer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor), and taking its cues from the likes of Modern Baseball and Cymbals Eat Guitars – both of whom the band have supported over the years – the band’s new record is said to “double down on the bold, introspective post-punk that has become the band’s calling card” and such notions are instantly captured on the brilliantly bold new cut from it, which we’re extremely pleased to unveil here today.

“It’s all the same crap, rock and roll is the only thing that counts,” so the track’s intro tells us, and while the tongue appears to be lodged well in the cheek, such aspirations are lived up to as the track forcefully rips through its succinct lifetime, bottling up all the hedonism of some restless night that you can never stay ahead of, and shaping it in to a breathless bout of, well, rock and roll, as heartening and powerful as it’s ever been. Yup, that good.

Check it out below right now.

‘Floating Now’ is out on October 6th via Asian Man Records (USA) & Specialist Subject Records (UK)

You can pre-order it here


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