First Listen:


“Nothing Left To Say”


words by tom johnson

Riding a somewhat exquisite wave between indie sentiments and beguiling pop music, Hajk follow-up on the promse shown on previous tracks – already heralded by a number of the key voices – and deliver another dose of intricate romance on new track “Nothing Left To Say” which is streaming below from today.

Lifted from the Oslo quintet’s forthcoming, self-titled debut, which is out on April 28th, the new track once again shaped by a sound that recalls Dirty Projectors-esque exquisiteness, “Nothing Left To Say” weaves between experimental pop meanders and a gleaming sense of assuredness that positively leaps out of the track, albeit a leap that glows with elegance amid the exuberance.

The next rung in a ladder that seemingly runs very high indeed, the new track is a bold statement of intent; one that doesn’t just deserve repeated listens, but damn well demands it. Check it out below.


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