First Listen:




by tom johnson

Righteously hedonistic from the first gleaming crunch of guitars that open’s their new track, Growl make for a relentlessly endearing proposition; the kind of good ol’ rock and roll band that we’re told is something of a dying breed these days. The new track – “Suhferring”, premiering below from today – is lifted from the quartet’s brand new album which is released later this year on the ever-rewarding Austin Town Hall Records (Summer Salt, Mean Jolene).

Shaped by a noticeably vehement burst of guitar that rips through the heart of the track’s three minutes, the new track is wildly infectious, like Teenage Fanclub if they’d been dumped in the stifling heat of middle America. “I’m starting to feel like my insides are outside and everyone is finding out,” they sing on that blazing intro, before the track leaps in to a catchy refrain that acts as Suhferring’s calling card: “All I want to do is get sideways with you, to get away a while…

Tempestuous, woozy, and chock full of rabid energy, “Suhferring” is a mighty first leap – and you can stream it to your heart’s content below right now.


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