First Listen:

Good Good Blood

“Fallen Leaves”


by tom johnson

Alongside James Smith’s Good Good Blood project was the somewhat overwhelming feeling of how much it all meant to him. Music is always personal, of course, but sometimes such¬†sentiments are bind in to the very fabric of the songs, muscles in to bones in to words spilling out in to the world. With a lovely collection of work already under his belt – all released via Smith’s own Fox Food Records – Good Good Blood takes a big leap forward today with the news that the new album, Songs From Where I Live, will be released via Team Love Records; the New Paltz label behind so many of our favourite records; from last year’s Choir Boy LP to the new Tica Douglas, which is already creating a heartening stir.

Leading the album out in to the world is new track “Fallen Leaves”, streaming below for you from today. His strongest work to-date, the record is an emotive and poignant journey through the places that mean the most to Smith, and “Fallen Leaves” is a sublime entry-point to his world. Led by that glowing vocal that always feels on the brink of imbalance, the track rolls through a detailed backdrop of soft percussion and deft guitar lines until the whole thing positively envelops the listener, weighty, wonderful, and full of wonder. Listen below – pre-order the new album here.

‘Songs From Where I Live’ is released on April 21st

Pre-order on tape/digital here



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