First Listen:

Frank Weysos

“Teddy Blood” LP


by tom johnson

A very definitive “bedroom” record, in that Frank Weysos pieced together his new record in that very space in between his work making videos for the likes of Dr. Dog and Heartless Bastards, and playing with his perhaps more notable band, The Hawks, “Teddy Blood” is a weird, warped, sprawling collection of songs that jumps between wry punk-edged tracks and something altogether more charming.

Weysos is a brilliantly nuanced story-teller. The record is scattered with various characters and set-pieces, and the songs here always feel like you could climb right inside of them. Despite this lack of ambiguity, the whole thing still takes a while to settle in to. Fifteen tracks is no mean feat, but what initially feels like a distance between Weysos’ work and our involvement in it, soon gives way to something altogether more compelling.

Crafted with a variety of moods and instruments, “Teddy Blood” takes the mantra of ‘living for the moment’ and applies it to all kinds of situations; from religious interactions to those old rock n roll staples of drugs, drink and sex. “When you die, you better be alright” he professes on “When You Die” – a philosophy he seems adamant to covet through all manner of ways and means; good or bad, dark or light; sex, sleaze and all.

Stream the album in full below.

“Teddy Blood” is released on November 11th, via Texas Is Funny Records



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