First Listen:

Fire Is Motion

Still, I Try


words by sammy maine

photograph by emily dubin

We’ve become big fans of Montreal based label Stack Your Roster this year, with releases from the likes of Great Grandpa’s AL, and BOY FRIENDS. They’ve now welcomed New Jersey-based artist Fire Is Motion – aka Adrian Amador – and his meticulously crafted EP ‘Still, I Try’. It’s a collection of songs that centre around themes of self-doubt, uncertainty and ruminating on the actions you wish you’d taken.

It’s a quietly urgent offering, touching on the fragility of love and the failures that often overshadow the successes and it’s Amador’s exposed narrative that secures a bond with our own self-examination. Anger is interweaved with regret, hopefulness with an abject pessimism. They centre around the kind of universal introspection that can straight-up drive us crazy.

Amador utilizes his vocals to carry more weight as his desperation overpowers any kind of rational thought. Harmonic and instrumental layers are carefully drawn in to create a thickness that could feel overwhelming but instead offers an empathic reprieve for its protagonist. It’s a bold assertion, a relatable plea and one that offers a breath in those all-too familiar situations.

The EP comes after three years of personal rediscovery, as Amador shifted from his usual bedroom production and into the studio with friend and fellow-producer Adam Cichocki. Amador welcomed more friends into the fold, repositioning the project from a predominantly solo affair to a series of collaborations. These partnerships allowed Amador to construct each track a needle-point precision; the attention to detail is unmistakable. With such a prolonged focus, ‘Still, I Try’ is the result of owning your art and allowing others into your world.


‘Still, I Try’ is out now via Stack Your Roster

Pre-order it here



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