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by sammy maine

What’s so striking about Febueder‘s new single “Shapeshifter” is their ability to be both direct and careful, tackling the subject of identity with a cautious vulnerability that in turn becomes self-assured and unapologetic. This forthright delivery is markedly captivating, as lead vocalist Kieran Godfrey produces a jarring yet soothing melody, whispering at just the right moments while soaring to an almost astringent urgency.

Born out of discussions on the plight of transgender youth, the three-piece explain that “Shapeshifter” explores the idea of transmogrification – that someone can transform in a surprising or magical manner, rather than conform to a construct or idea of the norm. The instrumentation mimics this shift, with a collage-like mirage of layered strums and repetitive, dream-like swells. The percussion is arguably the driving force, with softened, thoughtful strikes echoing between every note – percussionist Samuel Keysell knows just when to push forward and when to pull back.

We’ve been huge fans of Febueder since the very start of 2013, sticking them on one of our compilations and then watching them rise to far more critical heights with the release of two inspired EPs. “Shapeshifter” marks a change in their sound but one that we welcome with open arms; with every listen, there’s something new to discover on a track that’s equal parts jarring and beautiful. It’s taken from the forthcoming From an Album EP and you can watch the video, directed by percussionist Samuel Keysell, below.


“From an Album” EP is out on May 12

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