First Listen:

Feather Beds

‘Play Dead’


words by tom johnson

Unveiling a gorgeous new track taken from his second album Blooming, which is set for release on 27th October 2017 via Canadian label Moderna Records, Feather Beds today shares ‘Play Dead’, an subtle ambient-folk composition that arrives as richly-detailed and beautifully considered as we’ve come to expect.

The new album was recorded during Michael Orange’s two-year stay in Canada and, in fact, this latest track certainly brings to mind the kind of romantic wilderness we associate with the countries more rural landscapes, unraveling with a tender care with a sense of time and space that feels wonderfully naturalistic.

Following the Feather Bed blueprint of playful but intelligent instrumental runs and somewhat weightless, poignant vocals atop, the four-minutes of ‘Play Dead’ unravel with an ingrained sense of composure and balance, bringing to mind Peter Broderick in his more refined moments, able to blur genre lines until all your left with is a standalone piece of distinct and exceptional music in its own right. Check it out below right now.



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