False Advertising 2017 – hi res

First Listen:

False Advertising

“Not My Fault”


by tom johnson

One of the most-spouted comments in the wake of both Brexit and Trump is that many of us, who believed in better, were to blame. That had we tried to reach outside of our safety net of surrounding minds and friends we could have done more to shape the outcome of said votes. For all the nuances of such an argument, I’m still not quite sure how such a thing would have had any kind of lasting effect – and it seems False Advertising hold similar sentiments.

“We wrote this song whilst lamenting the loss of opportunity and hope that this last year’s political developments have brought to a generation,” Jen Hingley says of new track “Not My Fault”, which is premiering below today. “Whilst the American election was reaching its gaudy climax a few months ago, I found myself more and more falling asleep on the sofa in-front of Fox News, absorbing some pretty exaggerated stuff. I wondered if by watching it, that it might break me out of my own bubble and make me a super well rounded person. But instead it just filled me with despair.”

As gnarly as we’ve come to expect, the new track makes for a venomous three-minutes, Hingley’s otherwise boisterous vocal is occasionally swamped by the reams of guitar noise and percussion that drives the track relentlessly forwards. Another heavy stride forward for the burgeoning trio, you can stream “Not My Fault” below right now.



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