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First Listen:

Fake Palms

“Glass Walls”


words by tom johnson

Announced today, and released on September 15th, Pure Mind is the brand new album from Toronto’s Fake Palms, produced by two power-houses in Graham Walsh of Holy Fuck and Josh Korody of Beliefs, and released on Buzz Records in partnership with Pleasence Records (Slim Twig, Odonis Odonis, Young Guv).

Alongside the above news, the quartet are also sharing brand new track “Glass Walls”, a rapturous entry-point to their new work, which is streaming here for you from today. “I was listening to a lot of 60’s psych music and wanted to have a song with a chorus that felt reminiscent to that,” Michael le Riche says of the new track. “I got really into the big, drawn out harmonies and the crawling basslines.”

Initially simmering somewhat before slowly building itself up in to something altogether more urgent, Glass Walls is a dazzling display of song-craft, threading Women-esque guitar lines inside the band’s more synonymous glowing pop melodies. Somewhat ambiguous in terms of a message, the track still manages to captivate thanks to the brooding energy that it stirs from within; the track taking you fully out of your own safe space in less than four minutes. “I know what the song means to me now,” le Riche says. “I have no idea how it’ll grow and change with me, so I’ll just let it sit, and be what it wants to be.”

Energetic and endearing, in just about equal measure, the new track makes for a brilliant return, and we’re very pleased to unveil it here today. Check it out below.

‘Pure Mind’ is released on September 15th

You can pre-order it here



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