First Listen:


Endless Arcade [EP]


by tom johnson

Don’t be fooled by all that you hear: Elephants aren’t some unearthed gem from the British underground scene, they just happen to sound remarkably like such a thing. They are, in fact, both gloriously alive in the here and now and from Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States of America.

Released this week, via the very-worthwhile Dadstache Records, the band’s new ‘Endless Arcade‘ is a furiously invigorating mix of Joanna Gruesome/Bruising/Spook School aesthetics, weaving layers of warbling guitar around a half-buried, but still gleaming, lead vocal. Flitting between a definitively melodic base layer and squalling guitar solos that will have you leaping through the air in fist-pumping celebration, the five songs here are remarkably well constructed – even if they feel like they might all fall apart at any given second.

Passionate, vehement, and armed with a collection of memorable hooks that should ensure it reverberates well in to the new year; you can stream ‘Endless Arcade‘ in full below from today. Turn this one up…

You can pre-order “Endless Arcade” here, via Bandcamp


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