New York City based songwriter and producer David Bronson has spent years writing, producing and recording – all leading to a 22 song collection and ending up with so much material that he split into two albums, collectively called ‘The Long Lost Story’.

The first (perhaps somewhat illogically) is called ‘Story’ (to be followed, as you might’ve guessed, by ‘The Long Lost’) and deals with the loss of hope and identity caused by the end of first love, and the journey to rediscover them.

This track ‘Times’ showcases his folk-rock sound, a little reminiscent of Band Of Horses and perhaps stronger of more classic influences like Neil Young. If you like well-produced, catchy, decent guitar playing and solid vocals then you’ll like this. Bronson’s blog is a mismatched combination of music, photographic evidence of his excellent beard and deeply thoughtful articles, take the ominously titled ‘Tired Of Talking’ for example, a short, but well-articulated article on his thoughts about thinking. It’s clear that he takes what he does very seriously and puts a lot of thought into things.


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