photo by Stefan Lingg

First Listen:

Christoph Berg & Henning Schmiedt



words by tom johnson

photograph by stefan lingg

There is a lot of information to share here. There’s the story behind each of the two composers, there’s the esteemed work of flau, the label behind the release, there’s the ethos that runs through the album from which the associated track, “Flügelschlag”, is taken. Such things, however, fade in to something like insignificance when the music starts, and so instead we urge you to listen. To stop whatever menial task it is that you’re currently conducting, to create a little space for yourself, and let this most exquisite piece of music take control for four-minutes and nine-seconds.

Done? Ok, good.

Lifted from the forthcoming ‘bei‘ LP – the next release on the Japanese label ‘flau’ which is also behind Emma Gatrill’s stunning new record, out tomorrow – the new track is a meditative and engrossing combination of keys (Henning Schmiedt) and strings (Christoph Berg), taken from a record that might well offer one of 2017’s most sumptuous undertakings.

“There is this moment, right before the music begins – everything could happen,” the pair say of their new work. “It’s this moment of purity and silence, full of clarity, tension, expectation. The music on bei emerged from this very moment of silence.” Created from an improvised performance, the album and, notably,”Flügelschlag” feel almost crushingly tender, the attention to detail, the imposing nature of the work, the sheer beauty that shines through the over-riding arc of sadness making for something truly special. Listen below right now – the full album follows on April 14th.

‘bei’ is released on April 14th, via flau

You can pre-order it here



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