First Listen:


“Under the Sun”


words by tom johnson

Headed by Russell Edling, the former frontman of Philly’s Kite Party, Cherry is a brand new band on the ever-endearing Lame-O Records roster, and one that announce themselves, and their brand new record, released at the end of September, today, with the unveiling of the brilliant “Under The Sun” which is available to stream below right now.

Coming to be after “a major life event” forced Edling to reassess how he felt about his previous band and music, Cherry’s line-up is completed by Justin Fox, who played guitar in Kite Party, Three Man Cannon’s Spenser Colmbs, Jesse Kennedy on keys, and Eric Osman on drums. Premiering here today, Under The Sun is a dusty and drawn-out blast of guitar-pop, the track’s four-minutes brooding on through varying waves of guitar, and Edling’s burned-out voice and striking eye for detail which leads the whole thing on through the simmering storm which seems to always surround.

Described as a meeting of The Strokes and Magnetic Fields, there’s certainly a sense of such restlessness here, a meeting of big city aspirations and small-town claustrophobia which manifests itself through a song that somewhat quietly buries itself under your skin. An interesting, and often compelling, start-point, you can stream “Under The Sun” right here; pre-orders are live now via the links below.

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