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by tom johnson

Aeon Flux was a marvel of a bloated Hollywood gone haywire; a tortuously awful, hugely budgeted stinker, led by Charlize Theron and released to try and latch on to the last of The Matrix’s cape tails, if you will. Chemtrail’s new track “Aeons” is anything but an over-priced stinker but it does indeed find the London quintet in a state of flux; the track’s unveiling coming alongside the news that the band are the latest signees to Stockholm’s ever-impressive PNKSLM label.

Lifted from a brand new EP, which is set for release this December, new track “Aeons” presents a ravenous three-minutes, where muffled, grainy vocals fire through a cacophonous backing of thick-edged guitars and loose-limbed percussion. The mood is buoyant but shaded, like whole thing threatening to fall apart at any given second. It doesn’t, of course, and, when all those varying nuances come together as one, all fiery and full of endeavour, you’ll find yourself in the midst of one of the autumn’s most promising arrivals.

Chemtrails play at PNKSLM’s brilliant-looking ‘Slime Ball’ in London tomorrow (Fri, Sept 30th) – full details here – and you can check out the new song below.

‘Love In Toxic Wasteland’ is released in December, via PNKSLM

You can pre-order it here



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