First Listen:


“Needy” EP


words by tom johnson

Billed as “a continuation of Giana Caliolo’s work with her band Buckets”, Needy is the new three-track release from Calicoco, which does indeed tread in the footsteps of that aforementioned band; a Rochester, New York, quartet who released a handful of endearing tracks between 2011 and 2013.

Now peddling it alone, Needy immediately feels like Caliolo’s most impressive work to-date, each of the three tracks both memorable and endearing in their own right, drifting between weighty atmospherics and something altogether more forceful. Opening track ‘Lullaby’ could be just that, an Explosions In The Sky-esque guitar line wrapping itself around a decidedly emotive vocal and gentle swathes of feedback, while the previously heard “Night Owl” showcases the release’s grittier side, Caliolo’s sumptuous voice acting like a torch light through the dark.

Closing track is perhaps the stand-out, however, the elongated running-time giving that poignant voice the space it needs to grow and and fade and take on even greater weight as the piercing solitude slowly swallows all around it. Measured and broodingly magnificent, it’s a fitting end to a heartfelt gem of an EP – and one that you can stream in full below right now, ahead of its full release on Dadstache Records later this week.



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