The somewhat legendary Ben Folds Five have released a demo in preparation for a brand new album which is being released via the Pledge Music site later this year. For those of you that don’t know, Pledge allows you, the customer, to ‘donate‘ to the album recording in exchange for various different packages. (Check out the Ben Folds Five Pledge page here, for full details)

You can stream the new track below or head over to their page and do the following;

“Be sure to click to download the free single of “Do It Anyway”. If you already have it DOwnload It Anyway. It will be a higher res file and it will sign you up for our Vice President Of Promotion thingie. We’ll put your name in the vinyl LP art and Poster Art

Thanks for spreading the word so amazingly so far. That free single seems to have reached a sick number of people very quickly over the weekend (which is why we’re now rushing the announcement out now)”

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