First Listen:


‘Fast Car’


words by ross jones

A wonderful energy subsumes ‘Stubborn Comfort‘, the first full-length from Rochester, New York trio Anamon. Recording the whole nine-track album one late night in humid July, the group drew Ana Emily Monaco’s music from it’s shrewdly contemplative foundations and crafted something that glistens with an irreplaceable togetherness. It’s particularly prevalent on new single ‘Fast Car’, the second taste of their anticipated record which is set for release next month.

The most interesting of elements to Anamon’s music is time. ‘Stubborn Comfort’ is a collection of songs that Monaco wrote over a few years, the experiences and subtle alterations in personality that mature and develop weaved within the spacious atmospherics of their warm, bristling guitars and Monaco’s demonstrative voice. ‘Fast Car’, with it’s tap-spun pace and jumping, bass-heavy rhythms, almost embodies the process of their recording, the spirit of completing something so full and rich in a such a short amount of time gleams within.

At a barely visible two and a half minutes, you’d expect a throng of ideas rushing for contention within its busy timeframe, yet Monaco’s songwriting is much more perceptive, able to slowly and earnestly adjure the lingering illustrations that radiate from her words, all characteristically sparing and incisive. It’s a highlight, a beaming embodiment of integral intimacy.

‘Stubborn Comfort’ is available from November 10th




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