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Alice TM

“Trigger” EP


words by sammy maine

The debut release from Los Angeles based songwriter Alice TM is an immersive, vulnerable excursion through the kind of thoughts we’d love to exercise every day but don’t, through fear of the consequences. Guiding us through universal uncertainties, the construction of these stories mimics the lyrical context – it’s jarring and angular, tantalizing the senses through almost atonal textures to craft something alien but ultimately intriguing.

There’s a running theme of confession throughout the EP’s three tracks but Alice TM delivers them without hesitance or humiliation; instead, the EP acts as a sigh of relief in finally releasing these thoughts that offers a welcome, candid introspection. I’ll believe what people tell me, sometimes even about myself,” she explains of lead single “Trigger” and its in this realisation that the song allows her to finally be herself, without the whispers of those around her.

Produced by Cozy, each track stems from a place of consciousness. “Disorder” is an exercise in learning to accept help when you need it most, while “Stick By U”, as Alice explains, is about being given an ultimatum to choose between two friends. “It contains all the things I’d say and how I’d say them, now that I don’t care about their feelings anymore,” she says.

Trigger is one of those rare gems that somehow captures the kind of things we’ve always wanted to say; it’s a release that begs to be listened to in its entirety. As Alice TM utters on “Trigger” – “did I lose you?“, you can get lost in the entire EP right here:

“Trigger” is out now, via Cascine’s singles label, CSCN.

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