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Adam Torres



by tom johnson

It’s no surprise that there were a few songs that didn’t quite make it on to Adam Torres’ wonderful 2016 LP, Pearls To Swine, given that the whole record feels like the most fragile of creations, where adding or removing one single piece could lead the whole thing to crumbling. Lucky then, that Torres is also releasing an accompanying EP, I Came To Sing The Song, which collates some of those very tracks. Following on from the striking title-track, today we’re very pleased to throw light on another of track from it, in the form of the wholesome and rugged “Hatchet” which is streaming below.

“For me, Hatchet is a song about healing from seemingly irreconcilable conflicts,” Torres says of the track. “And what else is a conflict besides the lack of understanding between two people or maybe two groups of people?”

Stoking such fiery sentiments, this push-and-pull is evident throughout the track, as soon as those drums kick-in and lead the whole thing down a wildly romantic path. Like many a country singer, perhaps too the work of Cormac McCarthy et al, Torres’ works positively gleams with rustic romanticism, his lilting vocal beautiful and pure in one moment and then sun-burned and sand-scorched the next. The same is true on “Hatchet”, and though it only last for three-and-a-half minutes it seems to tell a story that was formed many a year before and will live for long after he departs from it.

While Torres’ voice often steals the show, the musicianship here makes for a sublime addition; the rolling, weather-like drums of Rodolfo Villarreal III, the sturdy bass of Dailey Toliver and the stirring strings of Aisha Burns which adds beautiful textures to the already-stirring backdrop. And that’s before we even mention the additional “vibes” from Thor Harris.

Wild of heart and soft in tongue, it’s another beautiful cut from Torres’, a reminder that there’s still plenty of space for such things in this largely shadowed world. Check it out below.

‘I Came To Sing The Song’ EP is released on Feb 24th, via Fat Possum


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