Vanilla | Little Lies


by tom johnson

If this is all one big PR trick then I do care. Well, I don’t care. But I do. In fact, as you can tell, I’m not sure where I stand. To bring you up to speed, at the end of last week we were sent an email from a Swedish label which said the following:

We are a swedish indielabel and we´re looking for a lost artist. Someone gave us a record (with a picture) with no contact- info, about a week ago at a afterparty in Malmö – Sweden. Only thing that was written on the record was “Vanilla – Little Lies”. We were drunk and sadly don´t remember the real name of the girl who gave us the record. As we listened to it, we realized it was one of the greatest songs we ever heard. We have today NO chance of figuring out who this artist is, and there for we BEG for your help.

Please, find in your hearts to write a post on your blog or on social media, or whatever about this. Maybe she or someone she knows will see this. Together we can find our Vanilla. If we find her, we will sign her and release the record on our label.

We get emails like this every now and again; some poorly devised PR campaign that takes us all for the mugs that we can so often be. The music is usually crap – why else make up some fanciful back-story other than to hide the fact that your music isn’t good enough to carry itself. Something here felt slightly different though – slightly. Or maybe I’m just blinkered by the fact that, for once, the song attached was good. Very good. A few more listens and we’re in exceptional territory.

So I do care if it’s all a made-up story to get me to listen because, well, I have an ego. But I also don’t really care because ‘Little Lies‘ is sublime; a textural, shimmering moment of scandi-pop, every bit as alluring and affecting as heavyweight contemporaries such as Aurora, Likke Li, et al. were at that stage in their careers. Yeah, that good.

And that’s all I’m going to say on it; colour me suckered. Listen below and/or head here to read some more about it all.


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