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Guest Post:

The Hotelier’s guide to new music

by Christian Holden


introduction by tom johnson

Still fresh from releasing one of 2016’s most emboldened pieces of work, The Hotelier arrive back on UK shores at the end of this month for a run of dates that should act as some sort of celebratory victory lap for the glorious “Goodness” LP that saw Christian Holden and co. take a huge leap forward, exploring new sonic territories while holding on to that emo torch that burned so brightly on their to-this-day breathtaking “Home Like No Place Is There” LP.

Ahead of the new set of dates, which kicks off in Dublin on January 19th (see the full set of dates below), The Hotelier’s Christian Holden has done our job for us, and pieced together this brilliant guide to new music, featuring a whole host of artists that he’s feeling inspired by right now. From the empowering rush of Japanese Breakfast to the gnarly, political thrashing of Emperor X, it makes for a brilliantly inspiring trawl through some of the brightest new names in the game – and you can check it all out below.


Christian Holden’s

New Music Guide


Alex Napping – Trembles Part I

I met Alex this year and persuaded her to share her new record with me which is really really sweet. She is also probably the most dedicated musician I have ever met, meaning she just seems to always be writing and recording songs whenever I talk to her. I’m excited to see her band live!


Alyssa Kai – Free Coffee

Alyssa is a very important person in my life and someone who I got to bounce ideas and records back and forth with. She released Contingency as her first full length last year and has been releasing splits throughout the year. This particular song is off the split with R.U.U.N.E which I have been listening through a bunch. I first heard this song live while I was traveling around with Emperor X in February and like burst into tears. It, for me, perfectly presents this very charming aspect of Alyssa that is always saying “we are fucked” with a wink and a tip of the cap.


Born Without Bones – Suffice

BWOB has been twin band for forever. We played all our first shows together, we took all our first trips out of the state together. We’ve worked on albums together. It’s a project that I’ve cared about and felt invested in for a long time and I’m excited to see them share a new record with peeps.


Emperor X – Wasted On The Senate Floor

Chad was working on his new record, Oversleepers International, when we toured together in Europe. It was at the same time that we were working on Goodness so we got to bounce a lot of ideas off each other and, in that way, I feel personally invested in this record. But also, it’s just so sick and I’m excited to see Chad touring on it in the US this year.


Japanese Breakfast – Jane Cum

I’m actually pissed at Michelle for touring so much in 2016 and being so busy that I don’t get to see her except for brief moments while she is out and we are in the same city. And now she is recording another record that I’m sure will be as great as the last one and I’m going to see her even less. I’m including her in this list to publicly state my grievances.


Lemuria – Expert Herder

Lemuria is just such an incredible band. The Distance Is So Big was a really mind blowing record for me in terms of like representing abstract feeling with concise wording paired with a lot of really jarring songwriting methods. It bridged a gap in my mind between loving pop music and feeling like you are working so few tools when writing in this style. I’m just really excited to hear a new record.


Loone – Offering

Noel’le is someone who’s combined work and existence in this world I appreciate greatly and observe and learn from. Touring with Loone last summer and getting to hear the new songs she is working on made me really excited to hear the first full band Loone record.


Oso Oso – Josephine

Jade is an earworm genius. I don’t get it. Every new record from him I hear I end up laughing hysterically through the whole thing because of how good he is at writing simple pop songs. He’s one of my favorite people in the world and I just want to hysterically laugh through another record.


Runaway Brother – Youniverse

Runaway Brother was one of the first ‘gems’ I got to find through this band. A band that seemed to come from nowhere who was clearly mad talented and great songwriters. They hit us up through myspace and we’ve been buds ever since. They are apparently recording at the beginning of next year. So. Check out Mother and then be stoked with me.


Goodness is out now – you can buy it here

Read a full interview with the band here

Forthcoming UK tour dates:

Jan 19th – Dublin, IR @ The Workman’s Club
Jan 20th – Leeds, UK @ The Wardrobe
Jan 21st – Glasgow, UK @ Stereo
Jan 23rd – Manchester, UK @ Gorilla
Jan 24th – Birmingham, UK @ Mama Roux’s
Jan 25th – London, UK @ The Dome
Jan 26th – Bristol, UK @ Thekla


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