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Post Louis | 30m Pool

[GFP Premiere]


by tom johnson

We’ve cast a watchful eye over Post Louis ever since their trepidatious first steps back in 2013, when they announced their intentions with a debut EP that perhaps hinted at potential brilliance more than fully delivering it. Last year’s follow-up was a firm stride forward, bulked out to a four-piece their ‘Uptight’ EP was a mightily impressive bout of skewed-pop songs that further charmed the senses.

Returning today with a glimpse at the sketches that will go on to form the debut album, Post Louis is now a five-piece with a much clearer and more distinct focus on what they want to create and achieve. Still led by the core-duo of Stephanie Davin and Robbie Stern, they’ve spent much of 2015 working away at the LP; a journey which began in an old Welsh cottage, emotional baggage well and truly attached. “The year so far has been spent gradually working towards making an album,” the pair tell GFP today. “In practice, this started with the two of us heading off for part of last Christmas to a space in a cottage in Wales with an acoustic guitar and a looper, to write. It was the end of year in which we had been plugging away at the band, and our other jobs, and were just completely exhausted.

Premiering below, 30m Pool is a snapshot of where the band are right now and it sounds anything but beleaguered. Led by Davin’s opulent, dancing vocal which is always clambering for something just out of reach, the track is a captivating blast of skewed pop music that more than justifies the billowing hype beneath them. “While writing the album we have been trying to interrogate what should and shouldn’t be included,” they say of the process. “30m Pool is a song we wrote a long time ago that has been a staple of live sets. But it didn’t feel slick enough for either of the EPs, and it’s not right for the album. To us, 30m Pool felt like a late summer jam – it’s our take on a singalong love song.

How indicative 30m Pool is of the new material we’ll have to wait and see, but it’s obvious that the band are suitably excited about what they’re creating. “The songs are darker and we think they are better,” they say of the new material. “To us, they feel more direct and impactful but also more beautiful  and very detailed – we’ve had more time to develop as a songwriting pair. ‘Beautiful’ is quite a scary word to keep in mind, and it’s a high bar…but we very much want to make something that is affecting.

Though the album continues to take shape somewhere in the not-too-distant future, we’ll get a small clue about its tone and direction when the band play The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington on September 12th, and unveil some of this new material for the first ever time – something they’re very much looking forward to doing. “Now we can write with the band members’ playing styles in mind and with a view to how the songs will sound in a room,” they assert. “Ultimately it allows us to experiment with combining the intimacy, detail, and complexity of what started as a bedroom project with the power and immediacy of playing in a live band. This tension is vital to what we do; we   really value it.

Even though ’30m Pool’ looks set to miss out on a place in Post Louis’ debut LP, it still acts as a solidifying marker-point for both how far the band have journeyed and how much promise their future endeavours still hold. Held in place with the kind of anthemic sway that grips the day in its fist, it’s a bold and robust moment of ornate pop music which will propel them towards the next chapter, and far beyond. Stream it below to your hearts content below.



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