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Supporting the ACLU


We stand in support of Bandcamp today who will be supporting the good fight by “donating 100% of our share of the proceeds to the American Civil Liberties Union, who are working tirelessly to combat these discriminatory and unconstitutional actions.”

Our own compilations are all available on a pay-what-you-like basis, and we’ll be donating every single penny for the whole February to Sisters Uncut and Right To Remain. Have a browse through our own Bandcamp page; the compilations include the likes of Jay Som, Gem Club, Johnny Foreigner, Choir Boy, Long Beard, Lomelda, Mountain Range and so much more.

Furthermore, a number of artists and labels are matching Bandcamp’s generosity; doubling the donation by also giving away their own cut of the sales to ACLU (unless stated below). As such, we thought we’d round-up some of our favourite releases that will, alongside Bandcamp, be giving 100% of your money to charity.

Check them out below…


Makthaverskan – II

Run For Cover Records

Run For Cover’s entire discography is joining in with today’s pledge and it’s hard to think of a more dedicated, impressive, joyous, life-affirming label over the past few years so go and buy as many things from their catalogue as your wallet allows. Makthaverskan still feel like something of a hidden gem, mostly just because if you listen to “Anatbus” or “Asleep” or anything of this record you’ll be left wondering how the fuck they aren’t the biggest band in the world.


Martha/Radiator Hospital – Split 7″

Specialist Subject; Entire discography, with proceeds to UK Refugee Action

The two single greatest rock and roll bands of ALL TIME FOREVER on the same split single? What more could you ask for?


mat riviere – not even doom music

Warm, weird, inventive, charismatic, charming, eerie, subtle, intoxicating, breathless, magical, grubby, rugged, raw, delicate, pretty, inspired, singular, do you need me to carry on? One of my favourite records ever.


Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Etiquette

Just buy it. Even if you already own, buy it again for someone else. One of the greatest albums ever made.

took got a job downtown
it’s an hour on the bus each way
typing letters for a lawyer in a bad toupee
it’s dumb I know but it pays okay

and did I mention I moved out
I got my own place off of South
and I’ve been living hand to mouth
for going on a year by now
and yes I still see El around
it’s different but I can’t say how
she cut her hair it’s back to brown
she’s living with her boyfriend now…


Lilith – Apology Plant

This is out TODAY, so what better time to get one of 2017’s bonafide gems. It’s out on the Disposable America label who are matching Bandcamp’s gesture across their entire discography and given that they owned 2016, you should grab as many of their releases as you can. Start here.


Islet – Illuminated People

The full-length debut from the Welsh weird-psych-pop wizards is a disarming, brooding, twisted, spectacular journey. Still as mesmerising today as it was upon release all those years ago.


Pinegrove – Elsewhere

A live album of songs that are RUNNING THROUGH MY VEINS as I type. Don’t wait for a single second – just buy it.


Conveyor – Conveyor

Paper Garden Records

Holding a very special place in our heart, thanks to a rooftop gig they threw in our honour back in the day, this charming, beautiful, effortlessly colourful pop record is a gleaming diamond in Paper Garden Records back catalogue. Still utterly inspired and wonderful to this day.


LIFER – From Kuru

Forged Artifacts

You could pick anything from the Forged Artifacts catalogue and find something new to cherish (the LAPD debut is a must-have too) but we’ve picked out this gem of an EP from Lifer; all brooding, muffled beats and frazzled pop sentiments lost to the dead of night. Or something.


Bells Atlas – S/T

‘Loving You Down’ remains one of the best pop songs to drop in to our inbox with little fanfare or context and it sounds just as fresh and sparkling a few years on. The bands debut effort more than lived up to expectations; a joyous funk-pop hybrid that will blow your socks off.


Ava Luna – Infinite House

Infinite Best

Another one of those where you could wear a blindfold and stick a pin in anything on the Infinite Best page and discover a true gem. We’ve gone for Ava Luna’s spiky, weird, oddball electro-pop because when they get it just right, and the stars align for a second, it might well be the pinnacle of human achievement.


Lubec – Cosmic Debt

A shaded, scratchy gem of a guitar-pop record. Sometimes drifting in to that endearing lofi world but with a vision that lifts it out much higher than that and out in to the great wide world, with ease. Highly recommended.


Washer – Here Comes Washer

Here they come! And thank god they did. A wonderful record, like a scrappy, untidy, DIY version of the great American songbook, with endearingly rough cuts from every great guitar band you’ve ever loved.


Secretly Susan – Szu Zhen

Two Syllable Records

You can grab anything from the Two Syllable Records roster, but we’ve chosen Secretly Susan’s evocative, brooding take on electro-pop as our prime cut. The vocals are gleaming, shimmering above the playful instrumentation like the sun above water on some gloriously languid summer’s day.


William Doyle – the dream derealised

The East India Youth man has this wonderful set of demos/sketches available to download, all of which were created “when focusing on creating them helped guide me through a difficult period of anxiety, panic and a regular dissociative feeling called derealisation.” A warped, weird, engrossing listen – with Doyle’s share of the proceeds going to the Mind charity.


Horse Feathers – Thistled Spring

Kill Rock Stars

I just assume that if you read this site then you already love Horse Feathers. If you don’t, then start today; the most beautiful of bands.


Anti Records

I mean, just take your pick. New Japandroids? Cool. Andy Shauf? Of course. Delicate Steve? Naturally. The new solo album from The Weakerthan’s John K Samson which literally made our 2016? You know what to do…


Alanna McArdle – Bedroom/Balloons

A couple of older tracks from Alanna, but more than deserving of a new spotlight thanks to the tender, hushed glow that they radiate. Her solo work has always been beautifully poised and these tracks are no exception. (Sales donated to Right To Remain)


Faith Healer – Cosmic Troubles (Mint Records)

I think Jeremy from Hi54Lofi sent me this as a gift? Thanks man! It’s a beauty too, all languid refrains and interesting backdrops that seem to sit as the perfect soundtrack to some melancholic summer’s day – no matter the weather or time of year.


Speedy Ortiz – Sports EP

You can pick any record from the Speedy Ortiz canon (they’re all up for grabs today) and have the best of times, but there’s always been something about this early offering that has dug its claws. Slightly more melodic, overall, than what they would go on to achieve; Sadie Dupuis’ compelling vocal conjuring up small town anxieties lost within the biggest of countries.


Dad Rocks! – Mount Modern

Just a beautiful collection of pop songs that contains a host of special personal memories. Wry, charming, playful, childish, anecdotes about life on this crazy planet – and everything else in between.


Broken Beak – Curse Burner

(Near Mint Records)

An old blog-favourite, Curse Burner is a deft, dusty, but always endearing slab of emo. Or, as Trevor Elkin originally wrote: “Beautifully crafted, intimate and raw, the four short tracks are a momentary glimpse into the alternate twilight world of their creator, Beau Brynes.”


sir Was – Says Hi

City Slang

One of the best EPs of last year, this four-track gem presents invigorating electronic-pop from Sweden, and it feels as resoundingly gleaming and enrapturing now as it did upon releases. City Slang are matching Bandcamp’s donation across their whole roster, so dig in to the their treasure-trove here.


Spartan Jet-Plex – Casual Cortex

This new EP, alongside a couple more, are interlaced with sound samples recorded at the recent marches, and they lend Nancy Kells’ work an even more engrossing charm; something exemplified beautifully on the Casual Cortex.

SJP is part of the Fox Food Records roster – and the label will also be donating all of today’s proceeds from their own sales to Samaritans. Check out their wonderful back-catalogue here.


GoldFlakePaint – The Human Noise We Sat There Making 

A favourite from our string of compilations, I think there’s something about this collection that just works. The title is taken from a Raymond Carver story and the music kind of fits in that sad/wry/affecting atmosphere. Features beautiful tracks from the likes of Jay Som, Eerie Summer, Lomelda, Long Beard and more.


 A more comprehensive list of the bands/labels involved in the day’s proceedings can be found here.

Head to Bandcamp at buy anything though; it all goes somewhere good.


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