It’s hard to remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to go and see the giant wonder that is the United States Of America. Ever since books, movies and music actually started meaning something to me, all my heroes have been from that land. Thanks to the incredible generosity of a great friend, I finally had the chance to fly across the Atlantic for a two-week stay earlier this year.

Thanks to GFP – and that thing called the internet – there were a bunch of people who I ‘knew‘ that I would finally get to meet in the flesh. The amazing folk at Paper Garden Records and our favourite NYC band Conveyor were high up on the my list. So, when the chance came to combine all of these people on a rooftop provided by the hero that is Luis Velasquez’, with a barbecue, and a whole load of great people, and some amazing free beer from Raderberger I quite obviously  jumped at the chance.

Conveyor are a band we’ve covered a few times over the past years and we greeted the recent news of their debut album with a whole lot of excitement indeed. We’re therefore very pleased indeed to present this stunning video of that rooftop event, courtesy of the incredibly talented guys at  (collabo!)

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GoldFlakePaint would like to thank…

…and to everyone else who made it such an amazing night.


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